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Climbed to the top of the hill


Black snake

Under the tree



The flight from San Francisco to Shanghai took 10 hours and 50 minutes. In the back pocket of the front seat, there was an emergency escape guide (you can escape with a very low possibility of an event of danger), an introduction to the movies you can watch on the plane and several magazines. Except for National Geographic and Time, they also have several other publications I've never heard of before. The flight just took off and flew over the city, in a very flat state, I couldn’t see any scenery. It is natural to come up with several magazines.

The first part of the magazine is an advertising page for a Japanese company. They are selling many different products, some of these look tempting. There is a thing called TOMATAN (price of $ 1,500). It is a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes. 

“Are you hungry while running? No problem anymore! Wearable robot Tomatan can feed you as you run. Japan’s largest supplier of tomato juice and tomato ketchup Kagome developed with Maywa Denki, this robot for marathon runners.”

I was thinking about is the tomato fruit or vegetable? Are eating the vegetable when you are running? It does sound bizarre.  

The following pages discuss a republished Also Sprach Zarathustra (Illustrated), the

translation of the English version had been modified, and the publisher edited a lot of the

article to accommodate young readers. On page 73, there is a letter that Strauss apparently sent to the publisher. The authenticity of the letter has not been verified or confirmed by Strauss; it has never been mentioned in his interviews. But there are many details in the text that point to Strauss as the author. The first part is a poem named entitled The Ugly Soul, and the structure and intent seem to deliberately imitate the ‘Three Metamorphoses’  from the first chapter of Sprach Zarathustra. The overall effect is not special or professional, but the structure is fairly complete, and there have not been many explanations of the intention of Infant, Heraclitus and the Dead God. The end of the letter says, ‘I almost wholly entered this amazing book with a kind of intuition, believing I had 100% communication with him beyond all else. I could not scrutinize objective judgments or to keep this sort of literature; I can not tell if this is my voice or not. I have always believed and doubted that I am right, I feel the pleasure I have never felt before’. 

The last two pages contain press clippings about an exhibition of the young artists who have recently committed suicide and a crossword quiz that I tried to do for half hour. 

I asked the stewardess to bring me a glass of white wine; it tastes the same as gasoline.



I had a dream; the pig was dead. There are several versions to explain this thing of intent. Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary says this is an auspicious dream. I will receive a windfall. If I dreamed that the pig was dead, it means I was in good health. Good appetite and eat particularly well. The result is I will be fat. I will not fit into my old clothes. Dreaming pigs become ghosts will have unexpected gains. Drawings with a low amount of combined invoice may have a chance of winning the lottery, I also got the chance to win other awards. The pig was dead. How was the pig killed? I was not impressed at all; my friend told me that I should be training myself to learn how to control the lucid dreams so that I can know all the plots and remember how the pig died.

I was training myself to have the lucid dream, but the pig was killed and lived in my dream. Z said it was a nightmare.

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